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Our global network and full-service team of airfreight and expedited freight professionals are ready to help.

Intercontinental Services

At ICS we work in the form of representation; importing and exporting of goods, and on an acquisitioned basis serving industrial companies.

Since 2009, the company’s mission is to develop the relationship between Europe and Africa in order to enhance both continents experiences and provide European expertise to accelerate the growth of African economies and markets, which will represent a large portion of the market in the future.

The founders understand that the need for an acquisition centre and a purchasing unit is overwhelming, and the ICS is there to assist companies in the construction of the centre, industrial and distribution sectors, and in facilitating the supplying process.

What we offerServices


Acquisition Centre

Where other companies can demand any kind of product and the company can sell it regardless of the industry. The company aims to become similar to Amazon, as a Business-to-Business.


The company promotes brands and products by travelling around the world, particularly within the developing market sector, where the search for new business opportunities is highly prevalent.

Importer & Exporter

We are responsible of our clients requests that focuses on import and export. Also sell directly to customers by buying, selling, and handling the logistics.



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